EC'10 ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce


Visitor Parking at Harvard-Online Registration Instructions for 52 Oxford:

*Can purchase individual parking permits up to 2 weeks in advance*

  1. 1. Go to link:
  2. 2. On left click on link for "Online Tools".
  3. 3. One-Day Online Permit.
  4. 4. On right on blue box click on red "visitor".
  5. 5. Click on "Click here to register" box.
  6. 6. Create username, password, and fill out personal profile including department (SEAS) and department code (2006).
  7. 7. Select 52 Oxford lot, affiliation as "event participant" as well as underneath putting "SEAS".  For permit date, can simultaneously select as many dates as you want while holding down "shift" key.  Then fill in plate # and state.  Then click "Add Parking Permit" *Note that if you select consecutive days you can leave car overnight*.
  8. 8. Click "Check out" and "I Agree".
  9. 9. Click "Complete Order".
  10. 10. Either login and pay with paypay or fill out all the billing information, review order and continue (if you do not already have a pay pal account).