The conference is soliciting full papers on all aspects of research covered by the conference as described in the call for papers (CFP), see Submitted papers will be evaluated on significance of the contribution, originality, relation to prior research, technical quality, and exposition. Submissions must include all material necessary for a full evaluation of the paper's claims and contributions.

All submissions must be made in ACM's single-column small format adapted for EC'18, without any modifications to font sizes, margins, or interline spacing. The latex template files can be downloaded here. Submissions may be up to 18 pages, including title, abstract and bibliography. In addition, an appendix of arbitrary length may be included for the review only (i.e., an appendix will not appear if the paper is published). This appendix will only be read at the discretion of the reviewers. Although papers may be published as one-page abstracts (see details below), all papers go through the same review process and thus must be submitted in the same format. Thus, papers submitted for publication as one-page abstracts are also subject to the same page limit during the review phase, and must also use the same formatting as regular papers (as reviewers should be unaware of that distinction). Submissions that deviate from the formatting rules may be rejected without review.

Submissions will be accepted until February 15th, 2018, 11:59 PM PST. This is a hard deadline. Unlike last year, there is no separate abstract submission deadline.

NEW: EC'18 will make use of double-blind reviewing. This means that you must take measures to ensure that your identity is not easily revealed from the submission itself. Please include the submission number (as assigned by Easychair) in the author field of your submission, and refer to your prior work in a neutral manner (i.e., instead of saying "We showed" say "XYZ et al. showed"). To add the submission number, you need to first first submit a paper without a number, see what number got assigned to you, and then revise your submission to include this number. Furthermore, if you provide a link to data or other supplementary materials please host it in such a way that your identity is not apparent from the link. It is acceptable to submit work that has been presented in public or has appeared on ArXiV, provided the submission itself is anonymized. PC members will be allowed to declare a conflict of interest to the authors as well as to specific papers. You would still need to enter the author information on Easychair when submitting the paper; this information will be accessible to the conference chairs, but not to the program committee members.

Submissions co-authored by PC members are allowed, but will be held to a higher standard than other submissions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To accommodate the publishing traditions of different fields, authors of accepted papers can ask that only a one page abstract of the paper appear in the proceedings, along with a URL pointing to the full paper. Authors should guarantee the link to be reliable for at least two years. This option is available to accommodate subsequent publication in journals that would not consider results that have been published in preliminary form in a conference proceedings. Such papers must be submitted electronically and formatted just like papers submitted for full-text publication.

Simultaneous submissions of results to another conference with published proceedings is not allowed. Results previously published or presented at another archival conference prior to EC, or published (or submitted for publication) at a journal prior to the submission deadline to EC, will not be considered. Papers that are submitted with the intention to appear as a one page abstract, or accepted as a one page abstract can be subsequently submitted for publication in a journal, but may not be submitted to any other conference that has a published proceedings.