The EC'19 poster session will be featuring recent research on topics relevant to the EC community. We encourage submissions of papers presented at other conferences that would be of interest to the EC community, as well as recent unpublished results. This year we also invite submissions from graduating students and postdocs who will be on the job market during the 2019-20 academic year.

Submissions should be made by May 7, 2019. The submission site can be found at:

Poster submissions should include:

The presenter must register for EC'19 to present his/her poster . Each registered participant can present at most one poster.

The abstract can be based on work published (or accepted for publication) at another conference since EC'18, or on recent unpublished work. For published papers, please link to the original publication and mention the venue in which the paper was published (or accepted for publication), as well as the date of publication/acceptance. For unpublished papers, please provide a link to the paper or upload a pdf copy. While papers presented at EC workshops are not excluded from submission, they will be given lower priority; if your submission falls under this category, please let us know by email at . Posters are non-archival: they will not appear in the EC'19 proceedings.

Graduating students or postdocs who will be on the job market during the 2019-20 academic year can submit an abstract that summarizes (part of) their past research. If accepted, their poster will provide an overview of the key results from their work and the poster session will give them an opportunity to promote this work as well as to get feedback on their presentation.

Poster submissions will be lightly reviewed, mainly for conference fit and overall novelty. If the number of poster submissions exceeds capacity, priority will be given to presenters who are students and postdocs and, beyond this, priority will be based on relevance and the date of submission. Poster slots will be confirmed by May 10, 2019. If any slots remain, submissions received after the deadline may be considered at the discretion of the organizers.