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Spring, 2001 Vol. 2.2

What's New

This issue, we are pleased to continue publishing high quality technical articles from around the world. We have two very good surveys in this issue. The article by Vakali, et al. discusses research in electronic auctions, and the article by Dogac and Cingil presents an overview of competing B2B communication standards. The other two articles might be classified as position papers. The article by Garnett, is based on testimony that Intertrust presented to the US Senate Judiciary Committee, and weighs in on the timely debate regarding copyright in the digital age. The article by Pastor et al. argues for the use of object-oriented methods in the design of e-commerce sites and presents supporting methodologies.

We are also pleased to announce an expansion of the newsletter's coverage. In this issue we have our first book review, courtesy of Victoria Hill. We would like your suggestions for books to review in future issues. Please send them to In the future, we also plan to further expand our coverage by adding opinion pieces. If you would be interested in writing a semi-regular column, or would like to suggest a columnist, let me know. If you would like to help with less commitment, we are looking for volunteers to continue our series of conference reports. In this issue, we have a report by Pinar Yolum on the recent Autonomous Agents Conference in Montreal. If you will be attending one of the many conferences on the announcements list and are willing to write a report, let me know.

Finally, with this issue we introduce, the electronic mail list for SIGecom discussions. See the Forums section for more information. The mail list is available for general discussions of all things related to the SIG and e-commerce. It will be as useful as we, the community, make it.

Thank you,

    Peter R. Wurman, Editor-in-Chief

Fri, Jun 8, 2001 Copyright, Association for Computing Machinery