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Spring, 2003 Vol. 4.1

Editor's Note: Welcome to Issue 4.1

Welcome to the fourth year of the ACM SIGecom newsletter. There are several important SIG events on the horizon. We are in the midst of the first SIG election, which wraps up June 9. If you are a member of the SIG, you should have received a ballot in the mail. We have an excellent slate of candidates, so please take the time to vote. We are also fast approaching the Fourth ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce, to be held June 9-12 in San Diego, CA. The slate of accepted papers is online and looks excellent.

This issue starts off with two articles related to web services. The first, by Shuping Ran, presents a proposed enhancement to UDDI that allows for quality of service information to be tracked in Web Services applications. The author argues that the lack of reliable reputation mechanisms is hampering the adoption of Web Services on the Internet.

The second article, by Hung and Qiu, proposes a method by which conflicts of interest can be avoided by instituting a Chinese wall security policy. The authors present a framework for an XML language in which conflicts can be expressed and reasoned about.

In the third article in this issue, Guo and Sun tackle the task of matching product ontologies by examining both the product descriptions and the catalog context in which those descriptions appear. This approach may provide further leverage for searching over and reasoning about product data on the web.

The final paper, by Ho and Lui, presents a study of the factors that affect whether someone is willing to view the web through a technology filter. Not surprisingly, gender and age are predictive of the acceptance of filtering technology, but other, less obvious, factors also correlate with acceptance.


    Peter Wurman, Editor-in-Chief

Tue, May 27, 2003 Copyright, Association for Computing Machinery